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The Geigers Wedding Photography

It's Time to Pop The Champagne and PARTY!!

We are so excited for you both! Whether you knew it was coming or not, we both know the moment you said YES, was the best moment of your life.


So now what? Rings on the finger & you've posted it all over social media. What's next? 

It's time to plan your engagement photo session of course! Engagement photos can be a wonderful addition to your wedding photography package.

These sessions are a great way to get to know your photographer and lets you show off your engagement!


They're also great to use for Save the Dates, Thank You Cards, a Guest Book or just FUN new photos of the happy couple!

Henry Leu Garden Proposal

Want to Know The Details?

Session Details:

Engagement sessions are typically 1-1.5 hours long and are shot on the weekends either 1 hour after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset. This is what is known as the "golden hour". This gives you that beautiful golden-lit, airy. beautiful photos.


The location is your choice, but we are happy to give suggestions!

If you're unsure, we suggest picking a location that is meaningful to you both. Maybe the first place you met, your favorite restaurant, the site of the proposal or we can pick somewhere you both love!  Think about what vibe you want the pictures to have. That will help to determine where you want the photos to be taken.


We allow up to 2 outfit changes. You are welcome to make the session informal or formal. These sessions are meant to show off YOU and your love for each other. Color wise, we recommend nothing to matchy-match. Stick with complementary color. Add bold accessories (hats, scarves and shoes) for a pop of color. Also, we would suggest staying away with anything with big logos. We of course, are more than happy to help pick something out!


You are welcome to bring props! If you do, we recommend something that is meaningful to you both. This can be anything from musical instruments, trinkets or seven signs for the Save the Date or Thank You Card.


YES! We love animals! Just let us know if you plan on bringing your pet so we can plan for them in advance. 

The Geigers Wedding Photography

"SURPRISE" proposals are one of those nerve wracking, sweat-inducing, beautiful moments that you want to remember forever. I’ll help you pick your perfect location, and plot and plan your surprise proposal, complete with a convincing white lie to get your future spouse to said location!

Not only will they be surprised when you pop the question, they’ll be surprised and touched that you thought to have this moment documented professionally!

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