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Wedding of William and Jordan Imel

On October 15, 2022, Jordan and William traveled to Venice, FL to celebrate their marriage with close family and loved ones. They scheduled an intimate wedding on the beach next to Fins at Sharkys; 1600 Harbor Drive South Venice Flordia 34285.

As some of you may know, Florida was struck with a hurricane not long before their wedding. Hurricane Ian hit the shore line of Venice Beach, FL in September 2022. It came in at a category 4. For those of you who may not be familiar with hurricanes, that basically means "extremely destructive". Naturally, our couple was terrified of what this would mean for their wedding day. Luckily, Florida is quite literally built for hurricane damage control.

They ended up having a beautiful wedding day! They sky was clear and sun was out for a good portion of the day. It wouldn't be Florida without the typical rain storm! But luck for us, it came after the ceremony was done and everyone was safely inside Sharkys.


They started the morning off at their Airbnb located in Sarasota, FL, getting ready with the hair and make up team, Ana Molinari Salon and Spa.

Our couple shared a private moment together during their First Look where they exchanged their vows and gifts. We love when couples choose to do a First Look. It gives them that time alone to really soak in the day and enjoy time together. For a good part of the day you are surrounded by your family and friends. Surprisingly, you don't have much a lone time with the person you're marring, crazy right? Anyways, that's why we recommend couples to do a first look or first touch. We've never had a couple regret it!

Their sunset ceremony was everything they dreamed it would be. Slight cloud coverage to help cut the sunlight and no photo boomers to ruin to the moment! The Florida rain storm held off, giving us plenty of time for the ceremony, first dance on the beach and portraits.

Jordan and William ended the night back to the Airbnb with cigars and a sparkler send off!

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